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Support from Captain's Salute

Captain’s Salute is a small private foundation whose main mission is providing care packages and other supplies to dogs affected with Wobbler Syndrome. At times we may be able to provide some financial aid as funding allow. 

Care packages are filled with items to try depending on your dog's needs. As you may know, Wobblers can have a wide variety of symptoms. Our hope is that our care package items will allow you to test different products to find what works for your dog, without stressing over the cost of something that may not work. Requirements for receiving a care package: Must have a confirmed diagnosis of Wobbler Syndrome (cervical spondylomyopathy) by MRI or CT Scan.

As funding permits, Captain's Salute may be able to provide financial aid to approved applicants of up to $1,000. Requirements for receiving financial aid from Captain’s Salute are:

  1. Applicants must be located in the US

  2. Applicants must provide a veterinary CONFIRMED diagnosis of Wobbler Syndrome with MRI or CT Scan (if you have previously applied for a care package and were approved, we already have this information)

  3. Applicants must complete the Captain’s Salute Financial Aid Application.

Other ideas for fundraising (many of our #teamcaptain families have had great success with the following):

T-Shirt campaigns (check out Teespring or Bonfire to host your campaign).

Local Fundraisers like lemonade stands and bake sales can help immensely!

GoFundMe campaigns- yes they take a percentage, but it is one of the most widely recognized donation platforms. Every $ counts!


We also highly recommend seeking financial aid from other institutions in addition to Captain’s Salute. We have compiled a list of other resources for aid. We also recommend searching locally as many states offer funding for pets in their area. Please note, as with most of the organization’s listed below, Captain’s Salute does not provide reimbursement for veterinary care. Any approved financial aid payments will be paid out directly to the veterinary care provider you list on your application, no exceptions. Please plan ahead of time for your application(s).


Other Sources for Financial Aid


Care Credit


Red Rover


Brown Dog


The Pet Fund


Frankie’s Friends


Friends & Vets Helping Pets


Paws For A Cure


Bow Wow Buddies




Harley’s Hope

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