Meet the Captain's Salute team

Alice - Founder & CEO; captain's Mom

Alice is originally from Charleston, SC and has lived in the Charleston area all her life. She and her husband, Brad, now split time between their homes in Charleston and Columbia, SC. Alice grew up with pets and has always had an interest in and a love for all animals. She has a BS in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston and has actively been involved in animal rescue for now  years. Alice is a pet owner herself, and all of her furkids are rescues. She rescued her first Great Dane, Stella, in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the breed. Her passion for rescuing Great Danes led her to adopt her second Great Dane, Captain, from Waters Edge Great Dane Rescue. Alice credits Captain for igniting her passion for helping other Danes that had been abandoned, neglected, abused, and who came from less than ideal circumstances. She has adopted two other Great Danes from the rescue: Pawley and Roc, and one “honorary dane”, a sassy senior French Bulldog named Frenchie. Alice was elected to the Board of Directors with WEGDR, operating as the COO, in 2015. In addition to her duties as the COO, Alice is responsible for social media and fundraising operations. Alice has a soft spot for dogs with special needs; Captain was diagnosed with Wobbler Syndrome, Pawley was vision and hearing impaired, Roc is deaf and vision impaired, and Frenchie is deaf and blind. She has extensive experience working with special needs animals, training special needs animals, and working with animals that have significant and often long-term health issues.  Alice was with Captain every step of the way through his battle with Wobblers and as a result is intimately familiar with the challenges of the disease; she set up Captain’s Salute in his memory in 2018.

Sarah - cfo & web designer

Sarah is from Charleston, SC and aside from a brief 5-year stint in Baltimore, MD she has lived in the Charleston area almost her entire life.  She is Alice’s younger sister and like her sister, has grown up with pets - specifically 3 high-energy Jack Russel Terriers.  She now resides in the Charleston area with her two sassy, but far more laid back, senior Lab mixes Reese and Montana.  Sarah has a BS in Business from the College of Charleston and a Masters in Business from Charleston Southern University.  Professionally, Sarah has been a Human Resources professional in multiple industries for over 12 years and is currently the HR Officer at an Independent Insurance Agency in the Charleston area.  She is responsible for the HR department at the agency as well as the Training and Marketing functions.  Sarah’s other professional hobby is photography; she operates her own photography company, Lowndes Photography.  She also volunteers with Captain’s rescue, WEGDR, and photographs the rescue pups and rescue events.  As Captain’s aunt, Sarah watched her sister provide Captain with the best care during his battle with Wobblers and learned about the disease through Captain’s challenges and her sister’s exhaustive research.  She is dedicated to continuing Captain’s story through Captain’s Salute and is excited about the future of the non-profit and helping other Wobblers families.

Kerensa - chief marketing officer


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